Document errors

There are different types of errors, which will be described here.

API Errors

These errors apply to cases like wrong permissions, not delivering required data etc… As a reference, you can check out the http error codes

Document errors

The next class of errors is not based on api issues but rather based on the delivered documents. In these cases no extraction (classification and/or addresses) will take place.

Error code Notice
download_failed This is generally issued, if the download of the provided files failed.
unreadable The document is unreadable. It’s blurry, to dark, washed out, anything like that.
unprocessable The document does not comply with our deliver standards.

Document validation errors

The last class of errors is provided along with extracted content, but is potentially not correct or complete.

Error code Notice
not_complete This can happen, if pages are missing, or if required information for a financial receipt is missing.
payment_credentials_unclear This error will be delivered, if the API decides that the document is due for payment, but did not find any reasonable payment information. It could also be the case, that it does find payment information, but they seem not to be clear or could not be validated.
invoice_inaccurate If the API can not validate the invoice, this error will be issued. Example: The total of the invoice does not match the line items.
contains_handwritten_information If we recognize any handwritten information on the document, it is not extracted. We still deliver this as an information for further handling if necessary.
other Any other error which is not specific.

How to cope with errors?

In any of those errors we suggest to put these invoices into a review cycle to compensate for missing information.