Document types


A reciept is a financial document, this includes, bills which have to be paid, receipts which have been paid, credit card statements, etc. You can find out more about the datastructure of a receipt.

For further clarification, we deliver a second classification in the field type, which is among the following.

type Note
none No type has been given, it is any type of receipt.
account_statement Statement. This covers bank statements, credit card statements.
dunning This specifies a receipt of type dunning, in this case the fees for the dunning are exposed.


type Note
account_activity Account Activities are direct bookings, possibly transfers between bank accounts and such things.
sundry_receipt Sundry Receipt. This is the receipt we receive from merchants for a payment, like credit card or maestro payments. It is not the receipt which is relevant for the financial bookkeeping.
dunning This document is a dunning, but it does not have any dunning fees. Otherwise it would be classified as a receipt.
statement_of_expenses Travel Expenses.
pos_closing_statement POS Closing Statement.
offer This is an offer.
order This is an order.
balance_sheet This is a balance sheet.
income_statement This is an income statement.
annual_financial_statement This is an annual financial statement.
annual_tax_declaration This is an annual tax declaration.
vat_clearing Any VAT clearing documents.
employee Employee documents including.
sundry Sundry / Other.
spam_item SPAM.
insurance_item Insurance.
contract Any kind of contract.
correspondence Any correspondence is covered here, basically everything which has not been covered before.