The purpose of the document is to track the overall processing status and attached files. It relates additional data like accounting documents and addresses. To get a complete picture, look at this example response.

Delivering documents

You can deliver documents for further processing. You deliver documents by providing download URLs. An array of URLs can be provided via the urls attribute, which is only available for submitting documents.

If you provide more than one document (ie single page PDFs or a few JPGs), they will be merged into one document.

Read this if you want to know about requirements and limitations of delivering files.

Attributes of documents

urls Array required Download URLs for documents which need to be processed (Only for creating new processing requests).
custom_fields Object Pass in custom fields on demand.
current_status String readonly This is the current status of the document.
signed_pdf String readonly Processed PDFs are provided for download.
document_type String readonly This includes a document type that was detected, which you find here
error_code Array readonly A list of error codes.
extraction_process String User either basic-extraction, full-extraction or robo-accounting to request a specific extraction method for this document.